Whatscan Pro for Whatsweb App Reviews

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Everything works fine m, except the audio. When will there be fix for that feature. Thanks Audio was fixed for awhile. Now not working 😔


De repente me saca yo page por esta app no vale la pena nada ma te funciona los primero dias

I can see the masseges ??? How i can fix it??

Thnx plz u can help me

System problem

It does not work to download the audios, I already sent an email and I did not have a return! Beyond being slow!


Thank you so much for making this app for us People please use this app While using this app you can monitor your friends family children's and your life. This means alot for me Sir who make this app I appreciate you alot Thank you soo muchhh for making this app

Cant hear voices

It's no true, you still can not hear voices. Fix that pls.

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